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Shikishima Koen  (Shikishima Park)

262 Shikishima-machi, Maebashi, Gunma 371-0036 Japan

+81-27-234-9338   (Park Office)

Several shops are available inside the park

Shikishima Park is located in the north of Maebashi city. It is famous for the more than 2,700 pine trees, which are cherished by its citizens and  which make it well known nationwide.  Inside the park, there is Sakutaro Hagiwara Memorial Hall. He was a poet famous for establishing a unique colloquial style in modern Japanese poetry.  You can also visit the Sericulture (Silk Fabric Culture) Memorial Museum. Sericulture was the main industry in the city.  In a large picturesque pond in the park, people can enjoy rowing small boats shaped like swans and there are some fishing spots available. Six hundred varieties of roses in 7,000 plants are a delight to the eye. The park is equipped with various sports facilities such as an indoor and an outdoor swimming pool, tennis courts, fields for baseball, soccer, and track.


24 hours open except for sports facilities. Open 7 days a week.
Admission Fee Free

By Train and Bus: Get off the JR train at Maebashi Station and take a bus to Sogo Sports Center via Shikishima Koen and Midorigaoka-machi.. Get off at Kyogi-jo Iriguchi 

By Car: The park is located approximately 7 kilometers from Maebashi Exit off the Kan-etsu Expressway. After the expressway, take Route 17.
Parking Parking lots are available around the park.

What to See in the Park

Rose Garden

The garden was remodeled in March, 2009 and now has six hundred varieties of roses with more than 7,000 plants. Sakutaro Hagiwara Memorial Hall and the Sericulture Memorial Museum are located in the park.

Sakutaro Hagiwara Memorial Hall

Visitors can see the old-fashioned Japanese storehouse, the study, and a living room of the house where Hagiwara was born and lived until 1919. According to his diary, he himself chose all the furniture and interior décor of his study. Inside the storehouse some of his own hand-written poems and explanations of his work are exhibited.  Open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The Sericulture (Silk Fabric Culture) Memorial Museum

This building was constructed as the main building of the National Factory of Sericulture that was established in 1912. It is a typical Western-styled building for its day, with a brick base, a lightning conductor, and wooden, entasis-styled columns on the porch. Exhibited are some tools, instruments and machines used for sericulture and the silk spinning industry. It is open to the public to show this unique and prosperous part of Maebashi city history.